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Rise, Rebel, Resist

I was inspired by the concept art for Battlefield 1. So, I created a small number of character designs based on partisan factions that fought in the Spanish Civil War and World War II, which was an interesting challenge trying to mix the needs of the design with the representation of actual historical factions.

A very educational and inspiring experience either way, in attempting to find a grounded and believable approach to my concept art.

Johannes palmblx partisan group web2

Character designs for the three fighters from different partisan factions during World War 2 and the interwar period.

Johannes palmblx partisan maquisard002 web2

A maquisard, a member of the French Maquis. A rural guerilla band resisting the german occupation of France.

Johannes palmblx partisan miliciana002 web2

Miliciana Republicana, a soldier in the Spanish Republican Army who fought the fascists during the Spanish Civil War.

Johannes palmblx partisan bielski002 web2

A Bielski partisan,part of a Jewish combat group that rescued people from the Holocaust and fought Nazi occupiers in Poland.